Refund and Delivery Policy


In the Turkish Commercial code, foodstuffs, beverages, etc.b.. there is no right of withdrawal for.

If your order arrives incomplete, incorrect or damaged, you should ask the shipping authority that delivered your order to keep a record and not pick up the product. Email Souq Of Turkey immediately ( ) if you provide the necessary information by contacting the sales department, your order will be refunded as soon as possible and the shipping costs required for this transaction will be covered by Souq Of Turkey.

(Unpacked, used and destroyed products) that are not informed or whose saleability is impaired within 30 days after delivery a refund will not be received by.

In order for the right of return to be used, the product must definitely have an invoice. Otherwise, the consumer’s refund is not valid.

The return of the product, which you can make without specifying any reasons, must be made as soon as the product is delivered to you. At the time of return, all shipping costs of all products belong to our company, and you just need to deliver the product to our contracted shipping company with a counter payment. If any distortion, opening, tearing is detected in the product you have purchased or in the product packaging, a product refund is strictly not accepted.

If the invoice for the product has not been sent, if it is missing, a refund is not accepted. The products to be returned must be delivered together with the original of the product invoice.

You have ordered products within 30 days if you want to return the product after delivering cargo, Souq Of Turkey e-mail ( through contact and bank account number Iban submit your information and your money will be refunded.

The contracted cargo company is (Yurtiçi Kargo). Returns must be made with this cargo.

The amount of product when you pay with credit card, your refund request is approved* reported to you within the same day and will be returned to your bank as soon as(*the refund process, the approval process is done within 30 business days from receipt of the product to us). Since the reflection of this amount on your accounts after the transfer to the bank is entirely related to the bank’s transaction process, Souq Of Turkey will not be able to intervene in any possible delays. It may take an average of 1 to 2 weeks for the amount refunded to your credit card to be credited to your account by the bank

You can send the products you will return to the address.

NOTE: Be sure to inform your order number in any communication about your order.

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